Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Traditional cement-based terrazzo flooring was invented in Venice, Italy in the 1500s, making it one of the oldest decorative flooring systems. This early type of terrazzo was made by mixing small pieces of marble or granite in cement or mortar before polishing the surface for a beautiful look. Now, Epoxy Systems is proud to specialize in a more recent type of terrazzo: epoxy-based terrazzo flooring. It combines an incredibly durable poured-in-place epoxy coating that’s only ¼ to ⅜ inches thick and endless options for colored aggregates, contrasting colors, and intricate designs. This makes epoxy terrazzo flooring an ideal product for almost any application where appearance and resiliency both matter.

Show Your Colors

Many of our customers don’t realize just how many color, pattern, and custom design options our epoxy terrazzo flooring offers. You don’t have to settle for a drab gray-colored concrete floor in high-traffic areas! Instead, we can design and install vibrant shapes, graphics, logos, or colored textures that will look beautiful and stand the test of time. Epoxy terrazzo flooring systems are the most attractive choice for indoor and outdoor applications with moisture issues, heavy equipment usage, extensive foot traffic, or any other durability concerns. With our help, you can bring a premium, luxurious look to any floor without sacrificing ongoing performance.

Cost-Effective Durability

Our premium epoxy resin consists of 100% solids, so it’s strong, dependable, impermeable, and relatively low in cost. While more complex designs and expensive aggregates can affect the price of a terrazzo floor installation, most of our projects are incredibly cost-effective, especially when you consider the minimal ongoing maintenance and upkeep demands. You’ll get a smooth, high-gloss finish that’s resistant to moisture, microbial growth, staining, chemicals, thermal shock, impact, abrasion, compression, and other environmental demands. It can also be a “green” flooring system when we use recycled aggregates, enabling you to earn points toward LEED certifications, if desired.

How Epoxy Terrazzo Systems Work

We install our epoxy terrazzo flooring systems as a ¼-to-⅜-inch coating, either directly on a concrete slab or using a moisture membrane above the slab, as required by the unique application. The premium liquid epoxy resin is mixed with a colored aggregate made from glass, granite, marble, or synthetic materials. Divider strips are placed on the surface prior to epoxy coating, allowing a limitless combination of colors to combine and create any shapes or graphics imaginable. This thin-set coating is relatively simple to apply, fast to cure, and easy to maintain for its long-term life cycle.

Custom Design & Development

Whether you have a clear plan for the aesthetic design of your new epoxy terrazzo floor or need some extra inspiration, the Epoxy Systems team is here to serve. We’re pleased to help you develop the custom graphics, logos, patterns, shapes, or patterns you really want to see on your floor. We’ll also recommend the right aggregates to balance your goals for color, saturation, sparkle, and cost. Our goal is to make sure you’re just as happy with the look of your floor as you are with its ongoing performance and value. Partner with Epoxy Systems to make the most outstanding impression possible on everyone who visits your facility.


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