P-20 Polymer Cement

Epoxy Systems’s P-20 polymer cement is a heavy-duty smoothing and resurfacing product designed for all types of concrete structures. More resilient than standard concrete, P-20 is suitable as a grouting product under equipment and can be applied in thicknesses ranging from a feather edge to several inches thick. P-20 is easy to mix and apply, quick setting, odorless, and provides great adhesion to concrete while cleaning up easily with water. This product stands out for resurfacing concrete and rebuilding concrete beams, ceilings, and walls, excelling in vertical and overhead applications.

Applications & Properties

P-20 is a blend of specially-formulated cements (50-pound bag) and an acrylic copolymer (1 ¼ gallons). It is recommended for concrete floor repairs, vertical and overhead work, leveling rough surfaces, grouting under equipment, and other similar applications. Vertical and overhead surfaces can be repaired with applications of P-20 ranging from ¼” to ½” in thickness without forming, whereas floor and formed usage can be applied at any depth. For applications over ½” thickness, P-20 may be extended using up to 20 pounds of dry crushed stone or pea gravel.  Standard packaging is called a Bulk Unit which includes four 50# bags of powder cement and one five gallon pail of co-polymer liquid.


Consult material safety data sheets and become thoroughly familiar with product hazards. Read the technical data sheets for more specific properties and limits of our liabilities.

P-20 Information

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Typical P-20 Properties

Product Type:

Polymer-modified portland cement

Volume Solids:


Theoretical Coverage:

One 50-pound bag of cement mixed with 1 1/4 gallon of acrylic co-polymer covers 27 square feet at ¼” of thickness


One 50-pound bag and 1 1/4 gallon yields 0.5 (½) cubic feet



Shelf Life:

One year in dry conditions

Mix Ratio:

One 50-pound bag to 1 1/4 gallons of liquid

Packaging (Bulk Unit):

Our standard packaging is called a Bulk Unit which includes four (4) 50-pound bags of cement and one (1) 5-gallon pail of liquid.


Epoxy prime coat available.  Our P20 Polymer Cement requires a 100% solids epoxy primer coat.  The P20 is applied into the wet primer.

Compressible Strength:
  • After 48-hour cure – 4,650 P.S.I.
  • After 7-day cure – 5,800 P.S.I.
  • After 28-day cure – 6,300  P.S.I.
Tensile Strength (ASTM C-190):

945 P.S.I.

Flexural Strength (ASTM C-580):

2,345 P.S.I.

Water Absorption:

Less than 3% of material after 28-day cure

Important Notice

Equa-Mix is sold only to the express warranties contained herein. Additional warranties, express or implied, and any warranty of merchantability is hereby excluded. Buyer agrees that seller assumes no liability for consequential damages of any kind which result from the use or misuse of the merchandise sold.


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