Equa-Mix Epoxy Floor Repair Kit

The “Equa-Mix” epoxy is a solvent-free, two-part epoxy resin and hardener system that’s incredibly easy to use. Simply mix one part of “A” with one part of “B” (hence the name “equal mix”), either by hand or using a drill mixer, and add the aggregate provided as needed for your particular use. The impact-resistant Equa-Mix epoxy mortar can be used in any thickness, from a feather edge to several inches thick, in just one application. This outstanding floor repair system has a long, proven history of success in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and many other commercial and industrial heavy-wear environments.  Our current pricing is $130 per kit plus freight to your location.  Quantities of ten or greater are subject to a 10% discount.

Applications & Properties

Equa-Mix epoxy is easy to apply and clean up while remaining flexible and resilient with triple the strength of concrete. It has no solvent odor during application and cures to a dense, joint-free surface with good chemical resistance. Equa-Mix is recommended for concrete floor repair on new or old concrete, including expansion joints and places with spalling and cracking. A special aggregate blend is available for deep-fill applications. Equa-Mix can be installed in temperatures ranging from 50℉ to 90℉. Equa-Mix starts at $130.


Tool Cleanup

Clean tools and equipment with a commercial solvent or paint thinner before the material sets.

Chemical Resistance

This product is resistant to many industrial chemicals such as common acids, caustics, and lubricants.

Technical Assistance

Epoxy Systems is prepared to assist you in all phases of your installation. Just call us or your representative for help.

Other Products

Epoxy Systems features a full line of resins that can be applied in cold and wet areas. Call us at 1-800-354-9889 or contact us for products that are needed for your special condition.

Equa-Mix Information

Click the tabs below to see typical properties and detailed instructions for installation and upkeep related to our Equa-Mix product.

Typical Equa-Mix Properties

Chemical & Type:

2-component epoxy-amine and aggregate

Volume Solids:


Pot Life at 70℉:

27 square feet per 50 pound kit (one gallon unit) at ¼” thick

Colors Available:

Standard clear epoxy or sand color with aggregate.  Add $5 per kit for Red or Gray pigment.

Shelf Life:

One year

Mix Ratio:

1:1 by volume


1-gallon kit (50 pounds) in a 5 gallon pail.  The kit includes 1/2 gallon of epoxy resin, 1/2 gallon of epoxy hardener, 35 pounds of 30 mesh dry silica sand and a metal five gallon bucket for mixing.  The added red or gray pigment available upon request.


Self priming.  Use the resin and hardener together as the primer before adding the aggregate.


Pourable, 90-100 KU

Compressible Strength:

8,000 to 14,000 P.S.I., depending on filler

Tensile Strength:

2,450 P.S.I.

Tensile Elongation:


Cure Time, at:
  • 50℉ – 13 hours
  • 60℉ – 10 hours
  • 70℉ – 8 hours
  • 80℉ – 6 hours
  • 90℉ – 4 hours
Ultimate Cure:

4 days

Installation Instructions

  1. Look for grease and oil. Remove dirt and oil with a diamond-cup wheel on a grinder or chipping hammer.
  2. Examine area to be filled. It must be clean of dust and dry.
  1. Remove all items from the 5-gallon can. The empty can is your mixing container.
  2. Mix Equa-Mix part “A” and part “B” in equal volumes. Hand stir for two (2) minutes or drill mix for one (1) minute Do not mix more product than can be used in 20 minutes.
  3. Paint mixed material on surface to be filled as a primer coat.
  4. Quickly add enough epoxy aggregate to the rest of the mixed epoxy to make the consistency you require. Less aggregate will help in the flow (and self-level the epoxy), but it will not change the effectiveness of the Equa-Mix.
  5. Place epoxy mix into wet, primed area and smooth with trowel.
  6. Allow to dry for 4 to 6 hours at 70℉. Equa-Mix cures slower at lower temperatures and faster at higher temperatures.

Do not apply to wet areas or at temperatures below 50℉. Follow all safety precautions on label and MSDS sheets. Consult material safety data sheets and become thoroughly familiar with product hazards. Read the technical data sheets for more specific properties and the limits of our liability.


Epoxy material cures more slowly at lower temperatures.

Equa-Mix is sold only to the express warranties contained herein. Additional warranties, express or implied, and any warranty of merchantability is hereby excluded. Buyer agrees that seller assumes no liability for consequential damages of any kind which result from the use or misuse of the merchandise sold.


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