Epoxy 151 – Resin Flooring System

Epoxy 151 is a 100% solids epoxy utilizing the most cutting-edge epoxy resin technology. The resin-rich, odor-free characteristics of Epoxy 151 make for safe application and high performance in applications ranging from 8 mils WTF as a primer to ¼” in thickness with our selected graded aggregate. Deeper areas can be filled economically with heavier aggregate loading or our P-20 polymer cement product. Epoxy 151 has excellent adhesion to concrete, wood block, and most metals, and its outstanding flex allows for application in areas with mechanical or thermal shock. This self-priming resin system can generally be installed and finished with a single application in just one day.  Epoxy 151 is used for larger volume projects with standard packaging consisting of a 15 gallon kit.

Applications & Properties

Epoxy 151 has the unique property of being insensitive to moisture during installation, allowing application to proceed on new concrete that has cured for as few as seven days or in industrial plants with constant washdown procedures. Possible applications include concrete floor topping, industrial concrete repair, chemical containment liners, skid-resistant floors, expansion joint repairs, and some wood and metal applications as well.


  1. Monolithic: Epoxy 151’s elongation and bonding characteristics allow installations over non-moving cracks.
  2. Resistant to most chemical. See our chemical-resistant chart.
  3. Approved for USDA installations.
  4. Virtually odorless.


  1. Water vapor transmission upward through on-grade concrete slabs may result in loosening of epoxy bond

Epoxy 151

Our original and best-known system for industrial floors, capable of withstanding forklifts and other heavy plant equipment.

Epoxy 151 Information

Click the tabs below to see typical properties and detailed instructions for installation and upkeep related to our Epoxy 151 product.

Typical Epoxy 151 Properties


Two-part epoxy

Solids by Weight:


Compressive Strength (D-638-77a):

9,500 P.S.I.

Tensile Strength (D-790-71):

6,130 P.S.I.

Flexural Strength (D-790-71):

10,130 P.S.I.

Abrasion Resistance (D-1044):

0.0 gr.

Flammability (D-635):


Colors Available:


Viscosity (Mixed Resin at 75℉):

600 CPS

Pot Life at 70℉:

35 to 50 minutes

Installation Instructions

  1. New concrete shall be brought to complete cure with no surface hardeners or curing agents.
  2. Old concrete shall be cleaned and prepared. Shotblast and/or diamond grinding is a preferred method.
  3. Mixing ratio (by volume) is:
    • 2 Parts Resin A
    • 1 Part Hardener B
  1. Resin and hardener are to be mixed for 30 seconds to one minute with a drill mixer.
  2. Our selected aggregate is added and blended in with the mixed resin (by weight).
  3. The material is troweled in place, by a trained applicator.
  4. Cure Times at 70℉:
    • 12 hours for foot traffic.
    • 24 hours for forklift traffic.
    • 4 days for complete cure and maximum chemical resistance.

WARNING: Severe skin and eye irritants. Use protective clothing, gloves, and face shielding, along with creams, during mixing. Rinse off any material immediately. For further details, refer to material safety data sheets supplied with product. Cleanup can be done with toluene or xylene.


Regular scrubbing with detergents and water flushing is recommended for cleaning. If the surface is stained, scratched, or damaged, a renewed surface can be achieved with a roller coat of our epoxy coating.

Limited Warranty

Epoxy Systems, LLC warrants to the original purchaser of its products that such products are free from manufacturing defects. Our obligation under this warranty is limited solely to the original purchaser and to replace any product which may prove defective within one year of installation. In no event is Epoxy Systems, LLC liable for any consequential damages.


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