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General Concrete Floor Repair Instructions

1. Look for grease and oil. Remove dirt and oil with a diamond cup wheel on a grinder or chipping hammer. (Fig. 1)

2. Examine area to be filled. It is to be clean of dust and dry.

1. Remove all items from the 5 gallon can. The empty can is your mixing container.

2. Mix EQUA-MIX part “A” + part “B” in equal volume. Hand stir for two (2) minutes or drill mix for one (1) minute (Do not mix more than ca be used in 20 minutes. (Fig. 2)

3. Paint mixed material on surface to be filled as a primer coat. (Fig. 3)

4. Quickly add enough epoxy aggregate to the rest of the mixed epoxy to make the consistency you require. Less aggregate will help in the flow (and self-level the epoxy), but will not change the effectiveness of the EQUA-MIX

5. Place epoxy mix into wet primed area and smooth with trowel. (Fig. 4)

6. Allow to dry for 4 to 6 hours at 70 degrees F. (EQUA-MIX cures slower at lower temperatures and faster at higher temperatures.)

Do not apply to wet areas or at temperatures below 50 degrees F.

Follow all safety precautions on label and MSDS sheets.

Epoxy material cure slower at lower temperatures.


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