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Epoxy Flooring and Wall Systems

Our factory-trained technicians are certified to install a wide range of products ranging from heavy-duty industrial systems to decorative commercial wall and flooring systems. Common industrial systems include epoxy and urethane coatings, self-leveling systems, ¼” power trowel systems, concrete polishing to chemical resistant secondary containment systems. Commercial applications include decorative quartz and decorative flake systems, concrete staining, solid color broadcast floors for kitchens or urethane concrete products providing the ultimate thermal shock resistance.

Floor preparation is the key to any quality installation. Epoxy Systems owns a fleet of prep equipment including heavy-duty industrial floor grinders, shot blasters, scarifiers, demolition hammers, jack hammers and scrappers. Many plant floor or commercial upgrades require removal of the existing epoxy or tile flooring system. No problem, we have the equipment for the task at hand. Floor preparation is a dust generating process and Epoxy Systems takes every precaution with industrial vacuums dedicated for each piece of equipment maximizing dust control. If required, the entire area can be isolated ventilating dust and odor to the exterior.

Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) from water hidden beneath the slab or behind the wall contributes to many adhesion failures. Epoxy Systems has a series of negative side moisture vapor epoxy primers capable of warranting adhesion up to 20.0 pounds per 24 hours per 1,000 square feet, which is the industry standard measurement. We have an inventory of calcium chloride tests and are capable of capturing moisture data at a given time.

Positive side moisture prevention is a resinous membrane system installed beneath an industrial or decorative epoxy floor system. This membrane system is commonly installed on elevated slabs preventing moisture or water leaks reaching the floors below creating a bath tub effect. Common applications include mechanical equipment rooms, laboratories, second level kitchen floors and floors above computer rooms.

Specialy Items include:
USDA and EPA code repairs
Pressure grouting
Cold and wet area repairs
Non-skid flooring

Flooring Product Types
Concrete Polishing
Decorative Quartz
Power trowel systems
Self-Leveling systems
Urethane concrete
Traffic Coatings
Novalac Epoxies
ME Flooring System
Urethane coatings
Conductive or non-sparking
Latex systems
Line Striping
Conductive Flooring

Typical Applications
Convention centers
Food Manufacturing plants
Chemical plants
Commerical kitchens
Promenade decking
Parking decks
Secondary containment areas
Administrative buildings
Vivariums or animal facilities
Electronic or printing facilities
School locker rooms
Computer rooms
Automobile Service Bays

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