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Concrete Restoration and Decorative Concrete

Concrete restoration is our specialty. Typical projects range from minor slab cracking and spalls to complete wall or ceiling deterioration to structural repairs. Typical facility applications range from warehouses, manufacturing plants, water and waste water treatment plants, chemical plants, printing plants, food manufacturing facilities to parking deck structures.

Concrete slab repairs: Common plant floor problems include expansion joint, cold joint, control joint failures, cracks and spalls. These failures are common and Epoxy Systems has a full line of products to effectively make the repairs without disturbing plant operations. Commonly used products include 100% solids epoxies, polymer cements, flexible membranes, cold cure materials and flexible caulking materials. In any concrete or epoxy application proper concrete preparation is crucial for a long lasting result. Epoxy Systems can provide the expertise, experienced work crews and proper prep equipment for continued customer satisfaction.

Concrete wall, ceiling and overhead beam repairs: Repairing vertical and overhead applications is complicated and especially when dealing with rusted rebar and wire. These problem areas are commonly found in paper mills and parking decks and Epoxy Systems has factory trained installers with more than ten years of experience in these applications. Rusted rebar can be restored or replaced and coated with an anti-corrosive epoxy coating preventing further corrosion followed by a combination of polymer cement products to restore the concrete to its original dimensions.

Concrete Polishing: Polished concrete is an extraordinary product providing the most durable floor in the industry. Polished concrete is a multi-grinding and polishing process combined with densification and staining if desired resulting in a high gloss and virtually scratch resistant flooring system. This product is extremely durable and decorative and is suitable in dry manufacturing areas.

Concrete Staining: Stained concrete is a decorative product and commonly used in restaurant dining areas. The product is similar to staining wood, the concrete surface is diamond ground followed by staining and a clear sealer coat. This products appearance is extremely decorative and rustic as well as durable.

Other Concrete Repair Products and Applications
Self Leveling Underlayments
Epoxy Injection
Drain Installation
Concrete Floor Pitching and Leveling
Pressure Grouting

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